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Fredericksburg, VA

Tanya Richey, a native of Virginia, started painting when her daughter began kindergarten and has been a professional artist for over thirty years.  She works is a variety of mediums and styles because different visions require different approaches.  Her work ranges from serious fine art to whimsical expressions of the world around her. 

Tanya paints the world as she sees it.  She thinks of herself as a modern day itinerant painter capturing her interpretation of things on paper and canvas in order to share it with others. 

Tanya has painted across America and throughout the world.  She has painted and taught lessons in China, Europe, Great Britain, Egypt, the former Soviet Union and is now living and painting in Japan.  Her work often incorporates elements of local style and materials while maintaining Tanya's original brushstrokes and masterful use of color.

Passionate about making art accessible to everyone her original work is priced from $14 - $60,000.  Tanya's work hangs in public and private collections around the world including commissioned work for Honeywell, IBM, Ford Motors, The Fauquier Hospital and Mary Washington Hospital Foundation.

Current artistic pursuits include a series on Japanese Zengo note-cards and a forthcoming book of Japanese inspired Paintings and haiku style poetry which she fondly calls "MyKus".


Most common question Tanya is asked:  "How long does a painting take?".
Answer:  "Each painting takes my whole life.  I would not be able to paint any one painting if I had not painted all of the paintings that came before it."

What type of art education do you have?
Tanya is mainly a self taught artist.  She studied the impressionists with University of Maryland University College graduate program in Paris and feels that it is invaluable to a visual artist to take the time to study and understand the masters but most of her education has been independent.  Tanya encourages emerging artists to visit museums and learn all they can about art history.

What type of paint do you use?
Tanya uses the paint she feels is right for the project.  She loves working in watercolor but for larger work she often paints with acrylic paint.  When working in acrylic she uses only four colors (red, yellow, blue and white).  Tanya uses oil paints sparsely due to the extended drying times, and health risks posed by turpentine and other associated materials.  Oil pastels, inks, Sharpie markers, white out, chalk and metallic pens also make there way into her work.

Do you do murals?
Yes and no.  Tanya enjoys working on large pieces and has completed several mural sized paintings however, she recommends that commissioned murals be painted on a exterior material and mounted if possible.  This allows the potential to remove the work in the unforeseeable future.

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Tanya Richey painting Fredericksburg

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